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Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive the reading list for the programme?

As the curricula for the courses are updated every year we are not able to provide you with reading lists beforehand. The curricula will be available at the latest two weeks before course start.

Which grading system is used?

Examinations (both oral and written) are graded according to the new Danish grading system made up by a 7-point grading scale (-3, 00, 02, 4, 7, 10, 12) where the grade 12 is given for an excellent performance and the grade - 3 is given for an unacceptable performance.
>Read more about the grading scale here

Are there any holidays?

There are a number of Danish holidays as well as autumn, spring and winter break where there will be no classes.
>Have a look at our holidays page

Where can I get help with finding accommodation in Copenhagen?

We unfortunately are not able to provide housing for all our students, but we have collected some information that should help you in your search for a place to stay during your time in Copenhagen.
>Have a look at our accommodation page

Does the University offer Danish language classes?

The University of Copenhagen offers free Danish language courses to students from non-Scandinavian countries. As a full degree student you cannot participate in the pre-semester course in August, but a course is offered during the autumn semester.
>Visit studies.ku.dk for more information

Where can I get more information on living in Copenhagen?

The University of Copenhagen’s International Office has a website with lots of useful information for foreign students in Copenhagen.
>Visit the studies.ku.dk for more information