Mandatory Courses

The first three mandatory courses of the Master of Disaster Management are designed around the three main processes of Disaster Management and will introduce the student to all disciplines involved in Disaster Management.

This first of them - Introduction to Disaster Risk Management - consists of a general introduction, student team building and personal safety, disaster management theories and history of disaster studies. It also introduces the students to risk analysis and evaluation (including hazard analysis and vulnerability analysis), risk reduction (prevention, mitigation, and climate change adaptation) and preparedness.

The second mandatory course - Preparedness and Response to Humanitarian Crises - will introduce the students to themes such as basic relief needs, food, water, sanitation, health, hygiene and shelter. It also touches upon issues of coordination, field assessment and evaluation.

The third mandatory course - Disaster Recovery Planning and Development - deals with issues encompassing rehabilitation, reconstruction, and mainstreaming disaster risk reduction into sustainable development. 

The fourth mandatory course - Research Methodology and Ethics - will introduce you to quantitative and qualitative research methods and kick-start your thesis writing process.

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