Learning Approaches

Priority is given to research-based teaching and learning complemented with an interdisciplinary practice based exercises and activities. The MDMa programme combines lectures and other learning approaches such as team work, discussions, presentations based on own working experience or studies, case studies, and study visits. Several of the elective courses are blended learning courses combining e-learning and traditional face-to-face learning approaches. Participants are expected to be present and take active part in course work. Exchange of experiences from various disciplines and cultures are considered important assets and are crucial to the learning process.

All teaching is in English.

Academic Degree

The Master of Disaster Management degree is awarded by the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences to those who pass the individual course assessments and final thesis examination. The assessments include: 

  • Written and/or oral examination at the end of each course (the examination takes place in the week immediately after a course ends except for the final thesis evaluation).
  • An approved MDMa thesis based on a field or desk study.

Students taking only selected courses may obtain a course certificate.

Grading Scales

The grading scale used is the general Danish grading scale. In the figure below you can see how the Danish grades correspond to ECTS grading, competencies and the old Danish grading system.

ECTS Danish Definition of Competencies Old Danish  
A 12 For an excellent presentation that demonstrates a high level of command of all aspects of the relevant material and containing no or only few minor weaknesses 11-13 P
B 10 For a very good presentation that demonstrate a high level of command of most aspects of the relevant material  and containing only minor weaknesses 10
C 7 For a good presentation that demonstrates good command of the relevant material but containing some weaknesses 8-9
D 4 For a fair presentation that demonstrates some command of the relevant material but containing some major weaknesses 7
E 02 For a presentation meeting only the minimum requirements for acceptance 6
Fx 00 For a presentation not meeting the minimum requirements for acceptance 5-03 F
F -3 For a presentation that is unacceptable in all respects 00


For more information please read the UCPH rules and regulations.