Competence profile

On completion of the Master of Disaster Management the graduates will be able to:


  • Demonstrate knowledge of international humanitarian frameworks, standards, principles and codes of conduct.
  • Demonstrate research based knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of the three interrelated processes of disaster management (disaster risk reduction, response and recovery) as well as identifying scientific challenges within the areas.
  • Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the complex interrelation of stakeholders in the context of the evolving field of disaster management.
  • Have an understanding of the complexity of vulnerability in disasters and the ability to relate issues of health, socio-economic, political, physical, and environmental vulnerabilities.
  • Critically relate the understanding of theories and practices of disaster management to the political, social, economic and cultural contexts of disasters.


  • Apply appropriate research methodologies to theoretical and practical issues in disaster management
  • Identify, analyse and assess risk capacities and vulnerabilities and design appropriate evidence-based interventions
  • Implement and monitor integrated disaster risk reduction, response and recovery activities
  • Communicate academic findings to an interdisciplinary audience
  • Communicate effectively with affected populations and other stakeholders in disaster management planning and operations


  • Search and critically evaluate research based literature
  • Synthesise complex information and make flexible strategic decisions in emergencies and disaster situations
  • Develop and maintain interdisciplinary and cross-cultural collaboration in complex and unpredictable situations
  • Identify and take responsibility for individual needs for further learning within the field of disaster management
  • Learn from experience and stakeholder involvement and apply lessons learnt to build capacities, strengthen resilience and reduce vulnerability