Kathrine Starup – University of Copenhagen

Kathrine Starup

Global Protection Advisor at the Danish Refugee Council (DRC)

Kathrine Starup has more than 20 years of experience with humanitarian work.

Kathrine has specialised in protection, mixed migration and displacement solutions, has worked with CBOs, the UN and NGOs in the field and at headquarters and has field experience from Africa and Asia.

Prior to her employment with DRC, Kathrine worked with UNHCR in Ethiopia. In recent years, Kathrine has worked on policy and advocacy efforts to address the targeting of civilians in armed conflict; the non-compliance with IHL and international refugee law resulting in increased pressure on international protection frameworks; protection of refugees and migrants moving at sea and across land; and the necessity of international responsibility sharing and solidarity in responding and finding solutions to displacement.

Kathrine has extensive internal and external teaching experience, including from Aalborg University and University of Copenhagen.