Jonas Keiding Lindholm

Portrait photo of Jonas Keiding LindholmDeputy Secretary General, Save the Children Denmark.

Key areas

Humanitarian policy, planning and response; operational leadership at field, country and global level; humanitarian negotiations and conflict resolution; emergency education, protection and food assistance programming.


Jonas Keiding Lindholm has worked in the field of NGO and UN leadership, disaster response and crisis management for almost 15 years including several years in various crisis spots in Asia, Africa and Middle-East performing a range of different leadership and operational functions i.e Response Team Leader, Emergency Advisor, Field Office Manager, Programme Officer etc. Jonas Keiding Lindholm has been with Save the Children for 10 years including 5 years as humanitarian operations director for Save the Children International. Prior to this, he worked with the UN World Food Programme for almost 5 years in countries like Afghanistan, Somalia and Kenya.

Besides his international career, Jonas Keiding Lindholm teaches at various crisis management and leadership courses; he has worked as a voluntary refugee counsellor for the Danish Refugee Council; as refugee teacher in Danish prisons; as lecturer in social research methods at Copenhagen University and he has published various on the complex of children/youth, marginalisation and immigration. 

Teaching subjects

Jonas Keiding Lindholm teaches on the core modul in the first part of the MDMA course on Emergency Education and Education Cluster, and Children in Emergencies.

Jonas Keiding Lindholm is also a Member of the MDMA Advisory Board.


Academic diplomas in Leadership and Humanitarian Affairs, M.Sc in Sociology, B.A in Communications.