Portrait photo of Ian DavisIan Davis

Professor Ian Davis, originally an architect, has worked in Disaster Risk and Recovery Management since 1972 , when he embarked on  PhD research in the Development Planning Unit (DPU) of UCL .  This was on  'Shelter following Disaster' . His work has been as an author, academic teacher and researcher, NGO director and international consultant. His experience covers pre-disaster planning and risk reduction, post-disaster recovery from the immediate response phase to long-term reconstruction and adaptation to climate change. Ian's  work has often related to shelter and settlement with a particular concern for low-income safe housing. He has alas advised on Governmental Emergency and Risk Reduction Planning, NGO policies, Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction etc.  In 1996 he was awarded the UN Sasakawa Award fro his contribution to Disaster Prevention. 

Currently he is lead consultant for an Asian Development Bank Institute project in Tokyo on 'Risk Reduction in the Asia/ Pacific Region' and as Technical Editor for 'Guidelines on Urban Risk, Integration of DRR into Government Sectors and Adaptation to Climate Change' for the Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre in Bangkok.  The guidelines he edited in 1982 for the UN on 'Shelter after Disaster' are currently being refreshed by the IFRC with publication planned for the autumn of 2013.  At present Ian and David Alexander are writing a book for Routledge on Disaster Reconstruction