Flexible studies

Studying for a Master of Disaster Management in one year is a full time study, and won't leave much time for working. To make it easier for people, who cannot take a full year off from their jobs, we have organised the programme so, that it consists of courses of approximately one month duration. This makes it possible for the students to follow the programmes in smaller chunks spread out over a maximum of three years.

It is worth noting though, that each of these modules require full time attention for as long as they run, so even if you do go for the flexible option, you will be away from work during the periods where you follow courses.

Below are some questions and answers concerning doing the Master of Disaster Management as a part-time study. If you have any other questions concerning the flexibility of the programme, then don't hesitate to contact us.

How do I combine the Master of Disaster Management study with my current job?

The Master of Disaster Management programme has now been adapted, so that you have the possibility to follow our programme either as a full-time student or as a part-time student. Studying as a part-time student gives you the opportunity to divide the programme into smaller modules of approximately one month duration, thus making it easier for you to work and study in parallel. 

How is the workload distributed?

In the Autumn semester teaching will typically take place every week day from 9:00 to 15:00 or 16:00. The autumn semester consists of four mandatory courses. If you want to study as a part-time student, you can take your courses spread over a period of maximum three years.

In the Spring semester teaching hours will depend on which of the elective courses you choose to follow. Some electives have periods of part-time online learning. During the on-campus courses you must count on being a full-time student. You can see the layout and the options for the Spring semester here

Do I have to complete the whole programme in one year?

No, not necessarily! There is only one requirement, which is that the whole programme must be completed within three years.

How do I combine writing my thesis and a fulltime job?

For your thesis we recommend that you choose a subject that you work with on a regular basis. This will make it easier to prove to your employer, that the assignment is relevant for your organisation, and that it would otherwise not be conducted. At the same time it is much more likely that you will be allowed to work on it during working hours.