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06 January 2017

Humanitarian response to disasters - meeting the key actors

Every three years one of the world’s largest humanitarian field simulation exercises (TRIPLEX) is conducted in a member country of the “International Humanitarian Partnership (IHP)”.

In September 2016 the TRIPLEX was held in Lista, Norway with more than 500 participants from 85+ countries. This year’s scenario simulated a large-scale sudden-onset natural disaster in a developing country.

The MDMa–programme and the 2016 cohort of MDMa students were offered an opportunity to participate as role players during the 3-day full-scale international humanitarian emergency exercise. The main focus was on practising cooperation, coordination and joint response planning by humanitarian, civil protection, military and other actors, as well as provisions to humanitarian operations. A 2-day pre-exercise workshop allowed students to gain additional up-to-date theoretical knowledge on common practices by international humanitarian actors in the UN-system and among international and national governmental and non-governmental institutions.

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