Annlize Troest – University of Copenhagen

Annlize Troest

Medical Doctor, specialist in Public Health, MDMa.

The Danish National Board of Health  

Annlize Troest is a medical doctor who has worked with local and national preparedness planning and disaster management in more than 25 years. She is a specialist doctor in public health, and MDMa from University of Copenhagen and Lund 2009.

After achieving practical experience in prehospital medicine and anaesthesiology; she turned to the public health area and has for several years worked as public health officer with preparedness planning and disaster management locally in the regions as well as teaching and establishing education in disaster medicine. She has supplementary gained national experience during these years too, working with cross-sectorial cooperation and coordination.

Annlize Troest is now employed as a Consultant MD in the National Board of Health, in charge of the Disaster Management Group in the board. The group gives counseling to and follows up on the health preparedness planning in the Danish regions and the municipalities, and constitutes the Board's crisis staff. She has experience as the National Board of Health´s representative in the National Operative Staff and the International Operative Staff which both are part of the Danish Government Crisis Management System.

Latest experience has been from participating in managing the following events:

  • Climate Conference (COP15), and the IOC-meeting in Copenhagen, 2009.
  • The Pandemic Flu, 2009.
  • The riots in connection with clearing of the "Ungdomshuset" in Copenhagen, 2007.
  • The evacuation of Danish Citizens from Lebanon, 2006.

Possible Lecture Subjects: Coordination in Disaster Management, Public Health and Disaster Management; Health Preparedness Planning, Public Health and Risk Management.